If you are feeling lonely then you are not alone.   Since the start of the pandemic more and more people are feeling lonely and isolated.   Major life events such as losing a loved one, having a baby or becoming unemployed can leave you feel lonely.

Loneliness can impact on your mental wellbeing and you may feel tired, angry, frustrated or lacking in confidence.  If you feel lonely then there are things you can do to help you feel better, and there is free local support available to help you.

Connecting with your local community

Liverpool is a city with a great community spirit and lots going on, with plenty of opportunities to make new friends and feel connected to people, from your local children’s centre where you can chat to other parents, to music classes at your community library.

You might feel worried or nervous about getting involved in something new.  That’s perfectly normal and just know there’s lots of things you can try and people who’d be happy to help you.

Liverpool City Council have a team who are ready to help you to feel less isolated and make new friends. They can explore your interests and link you up with community groups with similar interests. And if you feel anxious attending on your own, they can go along with you and introduce you or support you to attend early sessions. They may also be able to link you to groups or befriending from the comfort of your own home. Visit Community Connectors to find out more and how to refer.

Make new friends by volunteering

Volunteering you time or joining a community group can be incredibly rewarding and provide so many benefits including:

  • Helping you feel good about yourself
  • Improving your self-esteem
  • Making friends
  • Taking part in social activities
  • Learning new skills
  • Making a difference in your local community

See local services and support below for more information about volunteering in Liverpool.


Local services and support

If you need that bit of extra help, the following Liverpool services can help you: